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Avatar flies over Titanic at domestic box office
Titanic’s record as the biggest box office winner in U.S. history has sunk, pushed under by James Cameron’s next blockbuster Avatar.
Avatar’s domestic box office climbed to $601.1 million US on Tuesday, the same day it earned nine Oscar nominations including best picture. That includes Canadian and U.S. ticket sales.
That total pushes it past Cameron’s earlier Oscar winner Titanic, which brought in $600.8 million US.
Avatar, a breakthrough in 3-D movie-making, has earned more than $2 billion US worldwide.
It stars Sam Worthington as a paraplegic marine who regains use of his body as an avatar on another planet, Pandora, and helps the blue-tinged residents battle developments that would destroy their environment.
After 47 days in cinemas, it continues to pack houses. Titanic had achieved only $311 million US after 47 days, but it sold at a lower ticket price.
Avatar’s sales have been boosted by the fact that audiences pay a premium to watch the film in 3-D and Imax.
Kapuskasing, Ont.-born Cameron has as Academy Award nomination for a best director for the film. Avatar also won the Golden Globe for best drama.