Nobody like you, Jay!! You are done, no matter how much of Oprah’s ass you kiss!!

Jay Leno tells Oprah he’d like to talk to Conan O’Brien
To promote Jay Lenoís appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show tomorrow, Harpo Productions released a short transcript from the interview that was taped yesterday on the set of the comedianís cancelled primetime show. Thereís nothing extraordinary about this particular exchange ñ Leno typically keeps his feelings to himself during most interviews ó but apparently, he goes on to address his decision to return to The Tonight Show and the public reaction to the negotiations, which is obviously being reserved for tomorrowís broadcast. Hereís an excerpt from the interview:
Winfrey Have you talked to Conan in person?
Leno I havenít talked to him through all this. No. I havenít.
Winfrey Did you want to pick up the phone?
Leno Yeah, but it didnít seem appropriate.
Winfrey Why?
Leno I donít know. I think it ó let things cool down and maybe weíll talk, you know.
Winfrey Were any of the things that he said about you hurtful?
Leno No. They were jokes. And thatís okay. I mean ñ
Winfrey So jokes donít hurt you.
Leno Itís what we do, you know? You canít ó itís like being a fighter and say when you got punched in the head, did it hurt? Well, yeah. But youíre a fighter. Thatís what you do.