I hope he re-considers!!!

Peter Gabriel Says He Wonít Reunite With Genesis at Rock Hall Induction
In two months Genesis will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but fans hoping to see Peter Gabriel sing with his former band for the first time in nearly 30 years are probably in for a disappointment. ìAs far as I know, Iím definitely not going to sing,î Gabriel tells Rolling Stone. ìI learned at our last reunion [in 1982] that you canít just get up there. You have to rehearse.î
Gabriel is actually not even positive heíll be able to attend the March 15th induction ceremony in New York, since heíll be in the midst of rehearsing for a European solo tour. ìIím trying to find a way to do it,î he says. ìItís not easy. If I can work it out, Iíll go.î
Five years ago Gabriel held a meeting with the classic Genesis lineup of Phil Collins, Tony Banks, Mike Rutherford and Steve Hackett to discuss a possible staging of their 1974 prog-rock epic The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway. ìInitially I was open to it,î Gabriel says. ìBut then it seemed to be growing. I know what itís like once youíre in it ó these things tend to expand. I always describe it as going back to school, since this was a school group for me. Itís a fun place to visit and see your old friends, but its not a place you want to live.î Might he be open to a reunion show at some point in the future? ìPhil has had trouble with his wrists and his back, so itís pretty unlikely,î he says.
The group is actually more likely to collaborate on a possible movie project, Gabriel says. ìThe only thing that might happen is that some people talk about a film of the Lamb Lies Down On Broadway. If it is to happen, we might work together on that. Weíll see.î
For more from our interview with Peter Gabriel, including info about his upcoming solo tour and his new covers album Scratch My Back, check out the next issue of Rolling Stone, out February 3rd.