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‘Paranormal Activity 2’ rushing to theaters with ‘Saw VI’ director
A sequel to “Paranormal Activity” will be in theaters by Halloween.
Showing that Paramount intends to rake every dollar out of “Paranormal Activity” that it can, the studio has hired screenwriter Michael R. Perry and director Kevin Greutert to bring “Paranormal Activity 2” to theaters. And not only is it coming, it’s coming quick. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the studio intends to have the sequel face off against the next “Saw” this Halloween weekend.
While Oren Peli won’t be directing the he told the trade “These guys get it, an the fans won’t be disappointed.”
Peli, who is producing alongside original partner Jason Blum, is putting a lot of confidence in Greutert, who edited the first five “Saw” movies and directed the sixth. Perry, is a longtime TV writer (“The Guardian”) who made waves on 2009’s Black List (a competition where agents and execs select their favorite spec scripts).
No word on whether “Paranormal Activity 2” will be the film’s actual title or what the storyline will be, but don’t expect a massive increase in budget. Peli has kept busy with “Area 51” which Paramount will release later this year.
The last time a phenomenon like “Paranormal” rushed out a sequel was a decade ago when “Book of Shadows: The Blair Witch Project 2” was a massive disappointment without the original filmmakers involved. Peli and Blum appear to be involved to make sure that scenario doesn’t repeat itself.