Delay it until it is ready, Sam!!!

Spider-Man 4 Snags May Delay Big-Screen Debut
Our Spidey sense is tingling.
Just a few months ago, Tobey Maguire told us he was ready to don the Spider-Man suit again in March for the film’s fourth installment, which was looking at a May 2011 release.
Now it looks like Spider-Man 4 is facing a foe worse than Doc Ock: a rejected screenplay.
Somewhere along the line, Marvel’s record-breaking franchise hit a huge snag, reports Hollywood insider Nikki Finke. Director Sam Raimi is reportedly dissatisfied with the Spider-Man 4 script thus far, and without a script, filming on the long-awaited movie has been put on the back burner.
Sources tell Finke it’s unlikely the originally scheduled release date will be made, but attempts are being made to secure a summer 2011 opening√≥although the franchise has traditionally hit theaters in the coveted May spot.
While Sony didn’t directly confirm the delay, the studio did hint that it could be a while, telling E! News: “We are completely committed to the Spider-Man franchise and know audiences will find the next film worth the wait.”
We’ll take that as a yes.