She’s back?!?

Shania to carry Olympic Torch
TIMMINS, Ont. – It will be a Party for Two on Friday as Canadian country music sensation Shania Twain carries the Olympic Torch through her hometown of Timmins, Ont.
It’s expected that Twain will carry the torch during a two-hour celebration in Timmins. The Torch was dogged by protests last month as it made its way through Southern Ontario. But Olympic officials say there are no signs of any demonstrations planned for Timmins on Friday and they don’t intend to boost security when the country music star carries the flame.
They say security officials “don’t want to take away” the uniqueness of the torch run – both for Twain’s fans and the singer herself – by having undue levels of security.
But they say security can be increased at a moment’s notice if there is a sign of trouble.