Rest in peace, Michael!!

Michael Jackson’s Spike Lee-directed ‘This Is It’ video

Michael Jacksonís posthumous single ìThis Is Itî finally has a music video. Not just any video, either, but one helmed by acclaimed director Spike Lee.
Leeís clip is a heartfelt tribute to the late megastar, with whom he previously collaborated on 1995ís ìThey Donít Care About Usî video. The new video opens with shots of Jackson as a small child ó is there anything more heartbreaking? ó interspersed with vintage and contemporary images of his hometown of Gary, Indiana. Soon itís whirling through Jacksonís peak years, with well-chosen performance and candid footage illustrating his worldwide fame. Jacksonís countless fans serve as the clipís co-star, mourning his loss and celebrating his life. At last, the camera comes to rest on Jacksonís iconic hat and sparkling glove, resting alone on a stool.
Given that he likely had no footage of Jackson performing the song ìThis Is Itî to work with, Iíd say Leeís done a very nice job with this video.