It is back!!

Lennon’s solo Walk of Fame star joins Harrison’s
When fans recently noted John Lennon’s Walk of Fame star had gone missing from Hollywood, nefarious motives were suggested, but a more sensible explanation for the displacement of the Beatles landmark has surfaced.
“The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce along with Capitol Records have moved the star of John Lennon next to the star of his friend George Harrison as a holiday gift to the community and fans of the Beatles,” Ana Martinez, vice-president of media relations for the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, told information website
“And the star of Ringo Starr will also be at that same site [on] Feb. 8, the 50th anniversary of the Walk of Fame.”
The band’s group star will remain at its current location, she told’s Beatles columnist, adding that Paul McCartney has yet to set a date for his solo star-dedication ceremony.
Martinez also confirmed the Lennon star-move via her Twitter account, wofstargirl: “Yes, as a gift to fans, we moved John Lennon’s star next to George Harrison’s and Ringo’s will be there soon 2. Just waiting for Paul now!”
Lennon fans who recently visited the site in Hollywood noticed his star was missing and the location covered by a black plastic trash bag.
They promptly reported the disturbance to Beatles websites and popular local blogs such as LAist last weekend, with the news spreading across music and fan sites this week amid no comment from the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce.