Ah ha ha haaaaa!! Leno sucks!!

Leno loses affiliates
The news keeps getting worse for Jay Leno.
Now, it appears that NBC’s affiliates, the local stations around the country that carry the network’s programs, are ready to give up on the 10 o’clock experiment.
“The handwriting is on the wall,” Alan Frank, who runs two NBC stations including the affiliate in Detroit, told the trade publication Broadcasting & Cable over the weekend.
“The only question is what [NBC] is going to do about it.”
Other station managers told the magazine that they have seen ratings drop by nearly 50 percent since NBC decided to put Leno on every week night, right before the local late news.
“We’d sure like to have a few of those ratings points back,” said the manager of the Las Vegas station.
The bad news comes just when Leno had hoped to improve his numbers — in December, when the other networks were starting to air repeats of their 10 o’clock shows.