I joined. I wish my Dad had quit!!

Mellencamp to quit smoking if Facebook campaign hits one-million mark
BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (AP) รณ John Mellencamp’s 14-year-old son has started a social networking campaign on Facebook that he hopes will get his rocker dad to quit smoking.
The 58-year-old Mellencamp has said many times since his 1994 heart attack that he’s failed in trying to kick his decades-old habit. Mellencamp’s youngest son, Speck, says his dad has promised to quit if he gets 1 million people to join the Facebook group. More than 7,000 people had joined the group as of Tuesday afternoon.
Mellencamp publicist Bob Merlis told The Associated Press that the challenge is legitimate.
The Facebook group is called: “1,000,000 to join, my dad john mellencamp will quit smoking.”