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ëAnythingí for love
Cameron Croweís ìSay Anythingî was perhaps the most romantic teen comedy of the í80s. But it wouldnít have been so if star John Cusack hadnít actually fallen in love during the filming.
ìAt first, he didnít want to say ëI love youí in the movie,î says Ione Skye, who played Diane, Lloyd Doblerís love interest. She contributes to the extras on the filmís 20th anniversary DVD release, out Tuesday. ìHe liked women very much, but he hadnít opened up to the vulnerability of being in love yet.î
But while Crowe, the filmís writer-director, initially had to talk his star into letting his emotions inform the role, all that changed when Cusack met a girl named Suzanne.
ìCameron was trying to convince John to say ëI love you,í and Johnís like, ëI donít want to say it in the movie,íî says Skye. ìThen he met this girl Suzanne, and all of a sudden he loosened up and seemed more open and mature. He was comfortable saying it and playing it.î
Skye says that Croweís natural sense of romance also helped cement the filmís tone.
ìCameronís very passionate about romance,î she says. ìHe told me how the first time he said ëI love youí to his wife [Heart guitarist Nancy Wilson], she didnít really hear him, and minutes felt like hours until that was revealed. He remembered every detail of their falling in love.î
Skye, who was also in her first serious relationship at the time, feels that the platonic nature of her friendship with Cusack (who she did date briefly years later) helped create some of their emotional sparks.
ìThere was a very high-pitched chemistry there,î she says. ìMaybe not doing anything about it made it stay at that level of intensity ó how, before you do anything about it, it can be more exciting.î
But while the friendship held elements of romance, the filmís most romantic and iconic moment ó when Lloyd stands outside Dianeís window for a minute and a half, blasting Peter Gabrielís ìIn Your Eyesî from a boom box held high above his head ó was lost on both of them.
ìItís part of Cameronís style to have these romantic moments,î says Skye. ìHe realized [the sceneís power], but we didnít. I think John was like, ëThis is cornyí…I donít think I knew that this was a moment.î
Now that itís become a central moment in her career, however, Skye well understands the sceneís effect ó although, when asked how sheíd react to such courting in real life, she advises against potential Romeos using it unwisely.
ìIf I liked the person, I would think it was the most amazing thing in the world,î she says. ìBut if I didnít, it would creep me out.î
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