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Miranda Lambert Starting A ‘Revolution’ This Fall
Miranda Lambert didn’t draw the title of her third album, “Revolution,” from a song or a lyric; instead, the country-rocker is a bit more philosophical about her new work. “To me, that’s an exciting word, that something new is happening. I sort of reinvented myself musically on this record,” Lambert tells “It feels like there’s change, that country music is more open-minded. To me, anyways.”
Slated for release next Tuesday (Sept. 29) “Revolution” is one of the most hotly anticipated country releases of the fall. The fifteen song set was written and recorded earlier this year, with the first sessions taking place in January, and features 11 new originals and covers of Fred Eaglesmith’s “Time To Get A Gun,” John Prine’s “That’s The Way The World Goes ‘Round” and Julie Miller’s “Somewhere Trouble Don’t Go.”
Lambert first broke onto the scene after finishing third place on the first season of reality TV show, “Nashville Star.” She has since gone on to release two albums, 2005’s “Kerosene” and 2007’s “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.” Both have been successful commercially and critically, with “Kerosene” selling 979,000 according to Nielsen SoundScan and “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” selling 804,000. “Kerosene” peaked at No. 18 on the Billboard 200 and “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend peaked at No. 6. Both records spawned very successful singles like “Gunpowder & Lead,” “Famous In A Small Town,” “Me and Charlie,” and “Kerosene.” Ahead of “Revolution,” Lambert released “Dead Flowers” in May, which has since sold 68,000 downloads. The second single, “White Liar,” was released to radio this this past August and peaked at No. 37 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs.
Even with this early roll out, Lambert is gearing up for a week of heavy, high-profile promotional gigs, starting this Thursday (Sept. 24) at Nashville’s Ryman Auditorium, where she’ll play “Revolution” from start to finish. “I’m actually really nervous,” she admits about this show. “I’ve never been this nervous, probably ever.” Television performances are slated for next week, too, including an appearance on Good Morning America and The Late Show with David Letterman on September 29 and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on October 1. From there, she will fly to Los Angeles to tape the Ellen DeGeneres show on October 5 and the Bonnie Hunt show on October 6.
Lambert says “Revolution” expands on her songwriting “because there’s more story to tell.”
“Sonically, I think this record is a bit more out there in some parts than anything I’ve ever done,” she says. Indeed, the songs on “Revolution” branch out from where her prior two left off- she takes on a driving, country-punk sound during “Only Prettier,” is playful sounding during the acoustic swing of “Airstream Song” yet solemn and more reflective during “Makin’ Plans.” Lambert also expands on her bad-girl streak that lined “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,” during the more rock and roll influences of “Heart Like Mine” and “Sin For A Sin.”
While “Revolution” contains the most songs on a Lambert album so far, she concedes that it only clocks in at a little over three minutes longer than “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,” with many songs falling in the two or three minute range. “I never use any demos; I usually just play my stuff on the guitar. It’s really a quick process,” she says. “”I’m writing about more things and branching out in my way of thinking.”
Here is the track list for “Revolution”:
“White Liar”
“Only Prettier”
“Dead Flowers”
“Me & Your Cigarettes”
“Maintain The Pain”
“Airstream Song”
“Makin’ Plans”
“Time To Get A Gun”
“Somewhere Trouble Don’t Go”
“The House That Built Me”
“Love Song”
“Heart Like Mine”
“Sin For A Sin”
“That’s The Way The World Goes ‘Round”
“Virginia Bluebell”