Spider-Man 4 Gives Bruce Campbell A Starring Role
Iím still trying to process the idea of another Spider-Man movie being made. Maybe Sam Raimi was aware of the endless amount of flaws in Spider-Man 3 and hopes to erase them with a superior movie. Maybe he just needed to get something like Drag Me To Hell out of his system so he could approach Spider-Man with a clear head. Maybe he got a fatty check that could pay his kids college tuitions twelve times over.
Whatever it is, Raimi seems to be a lot closer to filming than any of us may have realized. According to Raimiís bro crush Bruce Campbell, who talked to Access Hollywood at the premier of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, filming for the movie will start in January 2010 with a release date projected for May 2011.
Thatís not all Bruce revealed, though. It seems as though Spider-Man 4 may have him showing up as more than the announcer at the boxing ring. Campbell told Access Hollywood that Raimi has a ìmajor partî for him in the next movie, but he was given no details as to what the part may be.
Many speculate that Campbell will be playing a villain in the movie, perhaps even Mysterio, but Iím going to put myself out there and predict that heís playing Spider-Man. Maybe Tobey didnít come back after all. Maybe Spider-Man 4 takes place 20 years in the future with an aged and tired-of-Mary-Jane Peter Parker. Maybe this movie will be awesome after all.