Rock on, boys!! Rock on!!

Blue Rodeo readying new double-disc
TORONTO – Blue Rodeo frontman Jim Cuddy feels the wind of change sweeping through a record industry that is increasingly moving away from traditional album releases.
He just doesn’t care.
“It was funny ’cause just recently, (Radiohead lead singer) Thom Yorke said he couldn’t be bothered making albums anymore – that the album was dead, and he was going to make singles from now on,” Cuddy told The Canadian Press in a recent telephone interview.
“Well we’re making a double record. In an effort to swim completely cross-current – we’re very excited about this – we’re making a double record, so we’ll have a double vinyl and a double CD.”
Cuddy says Blue Rodeo is just finishing the new album at their Toronto studio now, and it’ll be released at the end of October. The title, he thinks, will be “All The Things We Left Behind.”
“It’s just sort of a massive work,” Cuddy said. “It’s 16 songs, and it’s very enjoyable for us to be thinking about splitting it into two sections, and then splitting each one into a different side.”
Cuddy said the record would feature vocals from Cuff the Duke’s Wayne Petti. Unsurprisingly, the album sounds like it’ll be a throwback of sorts.
“It’s pretty organic, acoustic-y,” Cuddy said. “It’s got a lot of vocals on it. We’re kind of harkening back to Neil Young, CSNY, that kind of vocal sound – much more falsetto, bigger choirs. ”
“There’s a couple songs that are very different for us, instrumentation-wise too. It’s got a pretty wide range, as I think you’d expect from a double record.”
And Cuddy says he’s particularly excited about the prospect of laying the record out on double vinyl.
“I’m becoming more of a vinyl-phile, all the time, as more become available, which is great,” he said. “How to split it up – an A-side is different than a B-side, is a B-side heavier, or more sleepy, or whatever? – it’s been a very enjoyable little conundrum for us to try to figure out how to arrange this.”