Bring ’em on!!

Fall music preview
This fall, there are hundreds of new CDs being released by names you know, names youíre about to know and names you need to know.
Here are several dozen releases weíre looking forward to over the next three months ó and a few we arenít. See if you can spot the difference.
And remember: Everything here is subject to change.
Black Crowes
Before the Frost … and …Until the Freeze
The jam-rockers drop two albums ó one on CD and the other a free download. Two heads really are better than one.
Sept. 1
John Fogerty
Blue Ridge Rangers Rides Again
His grammar sucks, but the CCR leaderís guest list does not: It includes Bruce Springsteen and Don Henley.
Sept. 1
The Used
Album no. 4 from the Utah screamers deals with mortality and self-loathing. The kids will love it!
Sept. 1
Blueprint 3
Hova bucks the Tuesday release trend by dropping this Kanye-produced disc on a Friday.
Sept. 11
Os Mutantes
Haih … or Barauna …
The Brazilian tropicalia psychedelicists make their first CD in 35 years. Beck and David Byrne rejoice.
Sept. 8
Itís comeback time for jam gods Trey Anastasio and co. after a five-year hiatus. HIppies everywhere rejoice.
Sept. 8
Yo La Tengo
Popular Songs
Good songs, I can believe. But popular? That would be a first for these New Jersey indie-rock vets.
Sept. 8
Pete Yorn & Scarlett Johansson
Break Up
Frankly, Scarlett …
Sept. 8
Ace Frehley
KISSís spaceman lands with his first album in 20 years. Ack!
Sept. 15
A return to thrashing í80s form from guitarist Dave Mustaine and co.
Sept. 15
This Is Thirteen
Canadaís Spinal Tap try to strike while their rockumentary iron is still hot. Sept. 15
Pearl Jam
Eddie Vedder and co. say theyíve made a ìpositiveî record. Thanks, Barack!
Sept. 20
Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band
Between My Head and the Sky
Son Sean Lennon helped mom produce her first album of new originals in over a decade.
Sept. 22
The Colombian popsterís hips donít lie ó so ask them for the title of this album. Sept. 25
Alice in Chains
Black Gives Way to Blue
After 14 years and the death of singer Layne Staley, AiC return with a new singer and … an Elton John cameo?
Sept. 29
Mariah Carey
Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel
Canít wait to hear what Eminem is going to have to say about this.
Sept. 29
50 Cent
Before I Self-Destruct
Too late.
Sept. 29.
Nelly Furtado
Mi Plan
After two Spanish cuts on her 2006 Loose CD, Furtado goes todo cerdo aqui.
Sept. 29
Miranda Lambert
Country-rockís crazy ex-girlfriend is back.
Sept. 29
Lynyrd Skynyrd
God & Guns
Theyíre down to one original member ó and no original ideas.
Sept. 29
Brand New Eyes
Album no. 3 should make these female-fronted pop-punks into bona fide stars. Sept. 29
Barbra Streisand
Love Is the Answer
What was the question? On second thought, never mind.
Sept. 29
Backstreet Boys
This is Us
T-Pain guests. Which only proves that T-Pain will play on anybodyís CD.
Oct. 6
Rosanne Cash
The List
Johnnyís daughter plays some of his list of the 100 Most Important Songs. Bruce Springsteen and Elvis Costello help.
Oct. 6
Sonic Boom
Gene and Paul get back to basics on their first new studio disc in 12 years. Cross your fingers.
Oct. 6
The Raveonettes
In and Out of Control
More noise-pop from the Danish duo.
Oct. 6
World Painted Blood
The death-metal demon gods rise again, just in time for Halloween. Oct. 6
Flaming Lips
Wayne Coyne and his psychedelic warriors birth a double-album. Double your dose. Oct. 13
Toby Keith
American Ride
If he stays away from religion and politics, country king Keith might do OK.
Oct. 13
R. Kelly
Kellyís long-delayed (and still untitled) latest has song called Falling From the Sky and #1 Fan. Just saying.
Oct. 13
The Roots
How I Got Over
Well, I guess Jimmy Fallon doesnít have to look for a musical guest that night. Oct. 13
Full Circle
Itís their first album since 2001. Whatís the rush, fellas?
Oct. 20
Flight of the Conchords
I Told You I Was Freaky
Put on your business socks, boys and girls.
Oct. 20
Lyle Lovett
The quirky country gentlemanís latest blends covers and originals.
Oct. 20
Tim McGraw
Southern Voice
The single is called Itís a Business Doing Pleasure With You. That about sums it up.
Oct. 20
If On a Winterís Night …
More traditional fare from the former Police man. As long as he doesnít play the lute.
Oct. 27
Given their last stinker of a CD, that title could be optimistic.
Oct. 27
Carrie Underwood
More inescapable country-pop from the former AmIdol winner.
Nov. 3
Bon Jovi
Rumour is itís called The Circle and comes out Nov. 10. Tell your wife.
Robbie Williams
Reality Killed the Video Star
But nothing can kill Roboís popularity with the Brits, it seems.
Nov. 10
Avril Lavigne
Lavigne says sheís ìnot trying to write a perfect pop songî this time. That should make her label very happy.
Nov. 17
John Mayer
Battle Studies
Mayer has nearly 2 million Twitter followers. Now if he can only convince every one to buy a CD.
Nov. 17
Mary J. Blige
Seriously, how much stronger does she need to be?
Nov. 24
Last Train to Paris
Didd welcomes The-Dream, Tricky, Neptunes and T-Pain
(see, I was right).
Nov. 24
The Beatles
Mono Box Set & Stereo Box Set
The Fabs entire catalog gets remastered in two different mega-sets. The mono box has 13 CDs. The Stereo has 17. All you need is cash.
Sept. 9
Big Star
Keep an Eye on the Sky
A four-disc set honouring cult hero Alex Chiltonís legendary Memphis power-pop outfit. About time.
Sept. 15
Rod Stewart
The Rod Stewart Sessions
Itís CDs of unreleased recordings. This could be truly great ó or utterly awful. Sept. 29
Daryl Hall & John Oates
Do What You Want, Be Who You Are
All the duoís hits, 16 unreleased cuts and live fare are included in this four-disc box. I can go for that.
Oct. 6
Dolly Parton
The buxom country queenís career is stuffed into a three-CD set.
Oct. 27
Various artists
Atlantic Records:
The Time Capsule
This eight-CD, 130-track label retrospective includes a vinyl single and a 128-page hardcover book.
Nov. 3
Bee Gees
This four-disc anthology has 81 tracks by the Gibb brothers, including Andy.
Nov. 3
Miles Davis
The Complete Columbia Album Collection
And they do mean complete: This sucker has 70 CDs by the iconic jazz trumpeter! Nov. 10
John Mellencamp
On the Rural Route 7609
Early demo recordings and other rarities from the artist formerly known as Cougar.
Nov. 14
Carl Reiner & Mel Brooks
The 2000 Year Old Man:
The Complete History
Your grandparentsí favourite comedy duoís five albums are collected on three CDs and one DVD.
Nov. 24
Frank Sinatra
Sinatra: New York
The 2006 live Sinatra: Vegas set was a keeper. Hereís hoping this one follows suit.
Nov. 3