Does anyone actually find this hard to believe?!

Aguilera called ‘a diva from hell’
Celebrated British photographer Rankin has blasted Christina Aguilera as the “diva from hell”, vowing never to work with the “self-obsessed” singer again.
The snapper, whose numerous celebrity subjects have included Britney Spears, Kate Moss and Leonardo DiCaprio, worked with Aguilera on a photo shoot in 2007.
But Rankin is adamant he will never photograph the star again because of her bad behaviour.
He tells Britain’s Closer magazine, “Christina was a diva from hell and pure torture to be around. She’s so self-obsessed.
“She insisted that her chauffeur drive her indoors into the studio so she wasn’t papped (snapped by the paparazzi) – even though there was nobody outside. Then, she crashed my after party and her bodyguard stood outside the bathroom shouting, ‘Nobody but Christina uses this toilet.’ She’s a joke.”