Ahh, Mr. Blunt…by not approving it, the joke has become you!!

Blunt rejects Yankovic parody
James Blunt has refused comedy singer ‘Weirdí Al Yankovic the right to sell a parody of his single Youíre Beautiful, vowing he will “never approve” its release.
Yankovic has written and recorded You’re Pitiful, his light-hearted take on Blunt’s 2005 hit, and had hoped to include it on his upcoming greatest hits album Essentials, scheduled to hit shelves later this year.
But the funnyman – best known for his satirical takes on Michael Jackson’s hits – has had to axe the song after Blunt failed to see the humour in the joke track.
Yankovic tells fans on his page, “In case you were hoping for You’re Pitiful to be included on my Essentials collection, sorry, this just in from Blunt’s manager: Thanks for your email, but both James and I will never approve this parody to be released on any label.”