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Natalie Portman Abandons Art House, Thunders to Thor
Los Angeles (E! Online) ñ Natalie Portman is nothing if not an equal-opportunity fanboy pleaser.
Both comic-book nerds and summer blockbuster connoisseurs have reason to rejoice today, as the actressónot one typically associated with the grand tradition of green screen, save for her reign as Queen Amidala in Star Wars and surprisingly flattering foray into head shaving in V for Vendettaóhas formally signed on to star as the requisite damsel-in-distress love interest in Marvel Studios’ upcoming Thor.
Portman will play Jane Foster, the nurse who develops romantic feelings for the Norse god of thunder’s earthbound alter ego, Donald Blake. Aussie star Chris Hemsworth, who recently honed his action-star skills as James Kirk the elder, will play the titular superhero.
The film is due out May 20, 2011.