How many times will you buy it?

First Details of Watchmen Ultimate Edition BD Emerge
Early copies of the ‘Watchmen: Director’s Cut’ Blu-ray are surfacing, and the release contains a flier with some early details of the Ultimate Collector’s Edition of the movie. It will be released in December and will only be available through June 2010. Over two hours of bonus content will be included.
The movie version in this edition will be the director’s cut, augmented with the animated comic ‘Tales of the Black Freighter’ woven into the narrative. The total length of the cut is not known yet; the theatrical cut was 162 minutes long, whereas the director’s cut featured in the first-edition Blu-ray is 186 minutes long. As we reported, Paramount is releasing the theatrical cut in the UK.
The special features will also include the mockumentary ‘Under the Hood’ (already released as a companion to ‘Tales of the Black Freighter’) and ‘Watchmen: The Complete Motion Comic’.
The Ultimate Collector’s Edition will not include most of the special features available on the upcoming Director’s Cut, such as the “walk-on” Maximum Movie Mode. However, it will include a new audio commentary with Snyder and artist Dave Gibbons.
Get ready to be milked for this, repeatedly!!