Fingers crossed this is all untrue!!!

Rumor: Indiana Jones 5 in 2012
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen’s release has brought about numerous Indiana Jones 5 rumors that started when Shia LaBeouf said in an interview that Steven Spielberg had “cracked the story” on the next archaeological adventure.
The newest unconfirmed but logical rumor is actually twofold. First, the blog is claiming an unnamed source states Harrison Ford is “set” to reprise the role of Dr. Jones in the fifth installment. “Harrison has kept himself in good shape and could still do a lot of the stunts in the last film,” says the source. “But it’s obviously not going to get any easier the older he gets. He certainly would never have imagined playing Indiana Jones when he was nearing 70!”
The second part of the rumor, whose origin I was unable to track down, suggests Indiana Jones 5 will begin shooting in 2011. To cross-reference the rumor, I headed over to IMDB Pro and sure enough there is an Indiana Jones 5 listing with a 2012 release time frame.
With a potential release three years out the only news we’re likely to see in the next 12 months or so is confirmation that a script is underway. By then Harrison will be nearing the age where he could be someone’s great grandfather. Is that a good thing? Or should Indy hang up the whip so we can look forward to Mutt Williams and the adventures of a greaser?