Why not, everyone else has already reunited!

Soundgarden in talks for reunion?
Soundgarden are in talks to launch a comeback, according to Shinedown rocker Brent Smith.
The band split in 1997 and former frontman Chris Cornell recently admitted he would “never count out” the idea of a reunion, after previously insisting there was no chance they would get back together because it would never live up to his expectations.
He said, “My fear would be that we wouldn’t tap into the greatness we felt when we were on our game.”
However, a mini-reunion of former bandmates Kim Thayil, Ben Shepherd, and Matt Cameron at a gig in Seattle, Washington, in March forced Cornell to rethink his future – and now Smith reveals plans have been set in motion.
He tells Britain’s Kerrang! magazine, “There’s talk of a reuniting of Soundgarden in the States soon. I know actually someone specific who told me that, who is actually specifically in their organisation. Kinda told me that they’re talking about it.”
Cornell went on to form Audioslave after Soundgarden split, before carving out a solo career for himself.