It is a great clip!!

Green Day Let the Bullets Fly in Marc Webbís ì21 Gunsî Video
Green Dayís video for ì21 Guns,î the second single off the bandís acclaimed 21st Century Breakdown, premiered last night on MySpace Music. The video was directed by music video vet Marc Webb, who previously helmed clips for Weezer and My Chemical Romance and will make his feature film debut later this summer with (500) Days of Summer.
Like the ìKnow Your Enemyî video, ì21 Gunsî is a performance-heavy clip that has the band ó including touring guitarist Jason White ó rocking inside a bleak single room where a young couple are barricaded. Newspaper clippings and the lyrics to the song (as well as other Green Day songs, including ìSee the Lightî) cover the walls, and before long bullets riddle the room, smashing glasses and everything else in sight. But the pair suddenly lose their fear and walk proudly to the middle of the room, where they kiss in a scene that echos 21st Century Breakdownís cover art.
Drummer Tre Cool recently told Spinner the clip does indeed mirror the album art, and he thinks ìItís the perfect video for the song.î Whatís more, ìThereís a hot girl and a hot guy in it.î Cool said the video was filmed on a two-day shoot and promised a ìlot of explosions, good times and gunpowder.î
ì21 Gunsî will be among the songs on Rock Bandís Breakdown download three-pack along with ìKnow Your Enemyî and ìEast Jesus Nowhere.î Fans will able to see ì21 Gunsî live this summer when Green Day embark on their full tour starting July 3rd in Seattle.