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Hey Now, Garry Shandling Rumored For Iron Man 2
Someone should probably tell them itís called April Foolís Day, not April Foolís Month.
But theyíre not kidding around. If youíve been following director Jon Favreauís Twitter then you know Iron Man 2 started principal photography today. When they started shooting, IESB says Garry Shandling was there on set participating in what will be the last scene of the film.
As for who heís playing, while itíd be great if Tony Stark went on the Larry Sanders show or something, probably Garry is playing a senator or reporter. Pick a random profession which requires the wearing of a suit. Maybe heís filling in for Tim Robbins, who put to rest all those rumors that heíd be in it last week.
Garryís last film role was as the voice of a pessimistic turtle in Over the Hedge. Donít laugh, he was good.