Dave rocks!!

Top 10 Reasons Dave Got Hitched
David Letterman’s news that he married longtime girlfriend Regina Lasko – with whom he has a son, Harry, 5 – definitely called for something special. And what could be more appropriate than a Top 10 list? USA TODAY came up with The Top 10 Reasons Dave Got Hitched. Here they are:
10. Paris Hilton, Drew Barrymore and Julia Roberts were taken.
9. Needed second income after disastrous Bernie Madoff investment.
8. Felt the timing was right after sitting through repeated showings of I Love You, Man.
7. Was hoping Anoop ‘Dogg’ Desai would sing On The Wings Of Love during the ceremony.
6. Refused to be outdone by “antiques” Harrison Ford and Bruce Willis.
5. Got tired of signing permission slips “Baby Daddy.”
4. Oprah agreed to officiate.
3. Was sick of kissing bandleader Paul Shaffer at the office Christmas party.
2. Wanted to be able to blame “the wife” for staying in Friday nights to watch Ghost Whisperer.
And the No. 1 reason Dave got married?
1. Was convinced that Spencer Pratt would throw a rad bachelor party.