Beastie Boys

It looks like they are doing them all!!

The Beastie Boys Ready ìCheck Your Headî Reissue
Fast on the heels of the Paulís Boutique reissue, March 30th will find the Beastie Boys re-releasing the album that followed Paulís, 1992ís Check Your Head. The Check Collectorís Edition will come in various formats, from digital to CD to vinyl, along with the B-sides and other bonus tracks from the era.
Buying the Digital Deluxe version will also score you the music videos ó complete with band commentary ó from Checkís singles. The digital reissues will be released March 30th, while their physical counterpart hits stores April 7th.
For the hardcore fans, an ultra-deluxe 4 LP 180HQ vinyl version packaged in a fabric-wrapped hardcover coffee table book case will be released with a limited run of 2,000 copies, according to a press release.
The Beastiesí Website has been updated to celebrate the Check Your Head reissue, with the bandís performance on the Arsenio Hall Show embedded on the site. Additionally, the Beasties announced today that theyíll headline Los Angelesí storied Hollywood Bowl on September 24th in anticipation of their new album, due out later this year. The group will also perform at this yearís Bonnaroo, and are among those rumored to being playing Lollapalooza in August.
In addition to the Paulís and Check packages and the new album due out later this year, the band is also expected to reissue 1994ís Ill Communication at some point before the summer. Some online retailers are listing an April 21st release date for that album. As Rock Daily recently reported, the Boys are hard at work on their first album since 2007ís instrumental The Mix-Up. For more on the new LP, which currently sports the title Tadlockís Glasses, check out Beastie Boys Finishing Up ìWeirdî New Album.