Van Halen

I want it now!!!! Now, now, now!!!!!

ìGuitar Hero: Van Halenî Reportedly On the Way
Van Halen are rumored to be the next band to get its own Guitar Hero game, is reporting. The group would be the third with a specifically branded Guitar Hero title, following Aerosmith and Metallica, whose version is set for release on March 29th.
According to Joystiq, GH: VH will feature many of the bandís greatest hits (îJump,î ìPanama,î ìHot for Teacherî), plus recordings by Weezer, Tenacious D and Judas Priest.
While Activision wouldnít comment on the game, the potential of a Van Halen Guitar Hero is already generating hundreds of questions. Will new bassist Wolfgang Van Halen appear in the game instead of Michael Anthony? Will the game feature playable versions David Lee Roth, Sammy Hagar and Gary Cherone, and if itís just Roth does that mean his polygonal doppelganger will sing Hagarís ìRight Now?î Also, will Diamond Daveís virtual dressing room ensure that he has enough room to practice his digital martial arts? We must know.
Of course, it comes as little surprise that rumors of a Van Halen Guitar Hero leaked out just days after their competitor Rock Band revealed more details about their own game dedicated to another pretty popular quartet. As Rock Daily reported last week, The Beatles: Rock Band will hit stores September 9th and feature career-spanning tracks from the Fab Fourís Please, Please Me through Abbey Road. Clearly the Guitar Hero makers had to plot a course of action to compete with Rock Bandís mega-release for the holiday sales, and theyíre hoping the allure of blasting through ìEruptionî and ìHot for Teacherî will ensure two video games are under the tree come Christmas.