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Jewel, Nancy O’Dell drop `Dancing With the Stars’
LOS ANGELES ñ Pop star Jewel and TV host Nancy O’Dell have dropped out of ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars.”
Both women sustained injuries during training for the show that prevent them from continuing the competition, the network announced Thursday. Jewel was diagnosed with a fractured tibia in both legs, while the “Access Hollywood” host will need surgery to repair a torn knee cartilage, the network said.
Jewel said in a telephone interview Thursday that she initially dismissed the pain in her legs as soreness from the show’s six- to eight-hour daily rehearsals. She eventually sought treatment and was “completely shocked” by the diagnosis.
“The doctor just looked at me and said, ‘You’re done dancing,'” she said.
The 34-year-old singer-songwriter said she is in pain and using crutches and will have to be seated to perform her next two shows ó set for Thursday near Los Angeles and Saturday in Seattle.
“It’s my first time sitting down in a concert,” she said.
Jewel and O’Dell are still slated to appear on the show’s season premiere Monday, when “additional changes to the cast” will be announced.
Jewel’s husband, rodeo champ Ty Murray, remains a contestant on the program, though he said it’s “a huge bummer” that his wife had to withdraw.
“That’s a big part of the reason why we did the show,” he said. “It was chance for us to work together and go through this together.”
Jewel said she will continue to support her husband and her professional dance partner, Dmitry Chaplin, and she expects to return to the show.
“I think I’ll be able to sing this season, so I can sing for Ty on the show if I can’t dance for him,” she said. “And I hope to dance with Dmitry again and vindicate ourselves.”