Does anyone out there actually believe this?!?

Aniston vows to quit Hollywood
Jennifer Aniston has vowed to quit Hollywood to escape the glare of the media spotlight.
The former Friends star, who is dating musician John Mayer, is hounded by the paparazzi eager to get a snap of Aniston on a daily basis.
But the actress is sick of the constant attention, and is planning to leave Los Angeles one day, to live “somewhere remote” where “nobody really cares”.
And Aniston is considering taking a sabattical from acting as she ponders her future.
She tells Britain’s Elle magazine, “I don’t have a game plan. I don’t think that in five years’ time I need to be doing this or that. You set yourself up for disappointment that way. It seems unnecessary torture.
“I can see myself taking a few years off, living somewhere remote. I would miss acting.
“But… eventually, I’m not going to be living in L.A. full-time. Eventually I’m going to move somewhere nobody really cares. Just go off and be alone.”