11990 – I love Bruce, but I admit that I am hoping for ìDraculaís Lamentî!!

Springsteen, M.I.A., Jenny Lewis Short Listed For ìBest Songî Oscar
Bruce Springsteenís ìThe Wrestler,î M.I.A.ís Slumdog Millionaire contribution ìOÖ Saya,î Jack White & Alicia Keysë ìAnother Way To Die,î BeyoncÈís ìOnce In a Lifetimeî from Cadillac Records and Jenny Lewisí Bolt track ìBarking At The Moonî are among the 49 songs on the eligibility list for Best Song at the next Academy Awards. Also up for contention are Miley Cyrusí ìI Thought I Lost You,î Clint Eastwoodís ìGran Torinoî and Peter Gabrielís Wall-E theme ìDown To Earth,î with all three joining Springsteen and BeyoncÈís songs as this yearís Golden Globe nominees.
Unlike yearsí past, when a film like Enchanted and Dreamgirls dominated the category, each film can only be represented by a maximum of two songs at the ceremony. High School Musical 3 leads the short list with 11 selections, but itís likely the songs will split the votes and wind up with no nominee. Also noteworthy: Danny Elfmanís ìThe Little Thingsî from Wanted, Robyn Hitchcockís ìUp To Our Nexî from Rachel Getting Married and the hilarious ìDraculaís Lamentî from Forgetting Sarah Marshall.