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Bruce Springsteen Plans Wal-Mart Only ìGreatest Hitsî
Hoping to cash in on Bruce Springsteen & the E-Street Bandís Super Bowl appearance, Wal-Mart will exclusively release the groupís Greatest Hits at a low price on January 13th. As opposed to Springsteenís 1995 collection Hits, the compís 12 tracks will focus on Bruceís work with the E Street Band, thus iconic albums like Nebraska and Lucky Town arenít represented, nor does the LP feature any unreleased material.
Fans clamoring for new Springsteen songs will get their wish two weeks later on January 27th, as his new album Working on a Dream hits stores. The next issue of Rolling Stone features a preview of the album, and producer Brendan OíBrien opens up about his fourth collaboration with Springsteen. ìBruce was into this material being more orchestral, not just capturing the live feel,î OíBrien says. As for the albumís epic eight-minute opener ìOutlaw Pete,î OíBrien says Springsteen wanted every moment of the song to be vibrant.
For much more from OíBrien, news on the tour and David Frickeís exclusive listen to Dream, check out the issue on newsstands January 7th issue.