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Iron Man Meets The Office at AFI Awards
Los Angeles (E! Online) ñ The Hulk is gonna get green with envy. Well, greener.
Iron Man and The Dark Knight were both named Sunday to the American Film Institute’s Movies of the Year Top 10 list.
On the television side, the AFI Awards’ honorees included The Office, Lost and Mad Men, but not the Emmy-winning 30 Rock.
For Iron Man, the kudos is its first major honor of awards season. For The Dark Knight, it’s its umpteenth honor. For superhero moviesóthe passed-over Incredible Hulk exceptedóit’s another step in their march toward world domination.
Brad Pitt, Michelle Williams and Clint Eastwood, meanwhile, helped represent for people who can’t fly.
Pitt’s The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Williams’ Wendy and Lucy and Eastwood’s Gran Torino all made AFI’s movie Top 10.
Rounding out the list: Frost/Nixon, the low-budget indie Frozen River, Milk, WALL-E, and The Wrestler.
Revolutionary Road, The Reader and Slumdog Millionaire, all of which are up for Best Drama at the Golden Globes, along with Frost/Nixon and Benjamin Button, were not AFI selections. The group’s awards honor American-made films; those three movies are European productions or coproductions.
As with film, the AFI’s Programs of the Year list heavily favored drama over comedy. In addition to Lost and Mad Men, Breaking Bad, In Treatment, cult-favorite Life, the miniseries John Adams, the TV movie Recount, and the late The Wire and The Shield all made the cut.
The Steve Carell-managed The Office was the only half-hour comedy honored.