Welcome back?

No Doubt Regrouping For Tour, Album
No Doubt will return to the road in 2009 while it finishes its first studio album in seven years. The group made the announcement via an instant message transcript posted on its official Web site, but did not provide specific details.
“I have cabin fever. Maybe we should play some shows or something,” guitarist Tom Dumont wrote. Vocalist Gwen Stefani answered, “I think we should go out now. I don’t think we should wait. Pack up the babies and get a bunch of nannies. So fun! Would be so inspiring to get out there and play all those songs again.”
The group then discusses how continuing to write new music on the road would be inspiring, and vows to alert management to its plans.
No Doubt has been in the studio on and off throughout 2008. But Stefani’s participation has been limited of late, having given birth to her second son in late August.
The group hasn’t played live since mid-2004, and its last studio album was 2001’s “Rock Steady.” Since then, Stefani has released two critically acclaimed solo albums, while the other group members have pursued solo and session work as well as producing. Most recently, they appear on Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland’s solo album, “‘Happy’ in Galoshes.”