Yes, if Madonna is in there, Kiss should be as well!!

Why the Kiss-off? Simmons asks Rock Hall of Fame
Gene Simmons has a question for the Cleveland-based Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
“Why isn’t Kiss a member?” the frontman asked Thursday, addressing a group of music industry executives and journalists in a speech at the Billboard Touring Conference.
“There are disco bands, rap bands, Yiddish folk song bands in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but not Kiss,” Simmons said. “I believe we have more gold records in America than any other group, but it’s OK.”
Kiss qualifies under the rule that a band has to have a track record of at least 25 years to merit a Hall of Fame nomination. Its first album was released in 1974.
The nine acts on a short list for induction in 2009 include Metallica, Run DMC and Jeff Beck. The Hall of Fame even inducted its first rap act last year.
But Kiss, an American rock band known for its pyrotechnics, blood spitting and face paint, has yet to see its name put forward.
The final five chosen will be announced in January.
Simmons’s speech was filmed for an episode of his reality show Gene Simmons Family Jewels, currently in its third season on the A&E cable channel.
He said Kiss continues to be serious about performing and is planning a North American tour next year.
Simmons took a dig at the economics of the music business, saying touring is now critical to making money.
“Thank God you’re the last vestiges of a dying breed, because the record industry is already dead, because we trained the people [that] they don’t have to pay for stuff that they used to pay for,” he said. “The record industry allowed that and people are shocked they’re out of business.”