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Ex-’24’ Star Is Getting ‘Lost’
Former “24” star Reiko Aylesworth may soon be involved in a different sort of international intrigue on “Lost.”
Aylesworth is in negotiations to take a “major” recurring role on the upcoming season of the ABC series, according to The Hollywood Reporter. She would appear in at least four episodes of the show, which will make its return early next year.
The character Aylesworth would be playing is described as “a smart and successful professional woman with a love for the outdoors who is looking for the right man.” This being “Lost,” that could mean almost anything. Could she be:
A heretofore unseen Other who’s been working behind the scenes in searching for the “right man” — say, John Locke (Terry O’Quinn)?
An operative for either Ben (Michael Emerson) or Widmore (Alan Dale) who’s helping track the movements of either side’s adversaries?
Someone who gets involved with one of the Oceanic Six? (Note to the character: If this is the case, you’re looking in the wrong place for the right man.)
Aylesworth is best known for playing CTU agent Michelle Dessler on “24” for three-plus seasons. She had a recurring part on “ER” last season and has recently appeared in the movies “Aliens vs. Predator — Requiem” and “Mr. Brooks.”