The season premiere is very good!

‘Law & Order’ boss slams TV lineup
Law & Order creator Dick Wolf didn’t hide behind legal lingo when asked about the current TV season.
“You want one word? Disastrous,” Wolf said.
“Have I missed something? Is there a new breakout hit? This is the second year in a row where nothing has gotten traction and it’s November. That’s not good for the business.”
In an effort to save the business at NBC, Law & Order is being brought back this week, moved up from its original “early 2009” start-date in an effort to stop the bleeding in the ratings.
“Scheduling choices are something I have absolutely nothing to do with and no say in,” the 61-year-old Wolf said about being brought in off the bench early. “I’m glad to be back is the bottom line. I wish we had some more promo time. The episodes are just fine, but I wish more people knew we were coming, because it’s a daunting promotional climate now.
“But this is like complaining about global warming. Everybody is having a lousy year. My fondest hope is Law & Order is going to carry the water here and help the network, because for better or worse, a rising tide raises all boats.”