There is a new Weird Al song out?!?

Weird Al Reflects On Download Experiment
Weird Al Yankovic has weighed on his first experiment to make available a new song digitally while the song it parodies was still hot on the charts.
“Whatever You Like,” a takeoff on T.I.’s hit of the same name, sold 21,000 digital downloads in its first week as an iTunes exclusive, according to Nielsen SoundScan. It sold another 7,600 this week.
“I probably won’t be as inclined to announce new singles in advance, though,” Yankovic says on his MySpace blog. “I’ve learned from hard experience that iTunes is not able to guarantee a time — or, apparently, even a day — that a song will go live online. So perhaps it’s best for me to wait until a new song is actually available, and THEN announce it.
“Also, I’m not sure that I’d agree to give iTunes any kind of an exclusivity window in the future,” he continues. “It seems like the amount of publicity I received from them didn’t really compensate for the sales I lost by not also having my song available elsewhere.”
“Whatever You Like” is now available via all digital retailers.