Well, I guess I’m off to Broadway again!!

New Musical Based on Oscar-Winning Film “Once” Aiming for Broadway Bow in 2010-2011
“Once,” the intimate Academy Award-winning film about a struggling Irish street musician, will be adapted into a Broadway musical. Producers are aiming for a bow during the 2010-2011 season.
Tony-winning producers John N. Hart, Jr., Jeff Sine and Fred Zollo, who have collectively presented Spring Awakening; Caroline, Or Change; and The Who’s Tommy to Broadway audiences, have acquired live theatrical rights to the film that was penned and directed by John Carney.
“In a landscape where the American musical must evolve, Once provides a wonderful, unique opportunity,” said producer John Hart in a statement. “Those of us who fell in love with it and its score at the movie theater came out singing, and will do so again when it finds its way to the stage.”
“The film was shot modestly, on a shoe-string budget and managed to capture the hearts of fans around the world, wildly exceeding all critical and box office expectations. It did so, because it invited its audience into the process of artists making music and did not stoop to melodrama,” added producer Fred Zollo.
The stage production will incorporate songs from the film, which were penned and performed by The Frames band member Glen Hansard and MarkÈta Irglov·. The duo won the 2007 Academy Award for Best Original song for “Falling Slowly.”
The film follows a down-and-out Dublin street performer who encounters a young Czech immigrant flower seller, who is taken with his music. Named only “Guy” and “Girl,” the duo begin a music-fueled relationship where they spend a week writing and performing music together. The tale culminates in a nightlong recording session for a demo which they hope will land them a music contract in London. While only one of them ever makes it to London, the impact of their relationship leaves them both changed.
Representative for the production state that a creative team for Once will be announced shortly.
The independent Irish film was made for under $150,000, was shot in 17 days, and went on to gross over $10,000,000, becoming a critically acclaimed international smash. Songwriters Hansard and Irglov· continue a worldwide tour performing songs from the Grammy-nominated soundtrack.