Well, she could learn how to act and pick better movies to star in, for one.

Could Megan Fox Be Any More Perfect?
Los Angeles (E! Online) – Sure, Megan Fox may not be obtainable. We get that. It’s understood. That fantasy went buh-bye a long time ago.
Nevertheless, the girl continues to make it harder and harder to stop worshipping the bed she rolls around on.
It seems that behind all those sexy photo spreads and come-hither stares, there lies, quite simply, a nerd.
“Megan’s a bit of a geek,” Fox’s How to Lose Friends & Alienate People costar, Simon Pegg, tells OK! magazine. “She was a fan of [my zombie movie] Shaun of the Dead.”
He also points out that while working with the 22-year-old starlet, she often shared her appreciation for comic books.
Here’s hoping a love for football, buffalo wings and Guitar Hero are not too far behind.