Geez, they should have given him his final wish!!

Pink Floyd’s Rick Wright reportedly denied final wish
One of Pink Floyd keyboardist Rick Wright’s last wishes was for the group to play at this year’s Glastonbury Festival, a request that organizers denied because of logistical issues, according to published reports.
The claim was put forth yesterday by Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour, who was quoted in London’s Guardian newspaper as saying: “One of the last things [Wright] wanted to do, in this last year, was to do a big outdoor festival, such as Glastonbury. We weren’t able to do that due for all sorts of strange reasons, which, again, is a sadness.”
According to the Guardian report, Glastonbury organizer Emily Eavis responded to Gilmour’s comments by telling BBC 6 Music: “We were obviously upset to hear him say that. I think maybe he has been minsinformed by someone that it was some sort of thing about them, but it wasn’t at all, it was just purely because we couldn’t fit them on anywhere.”
Eavis went on to say that Pink Floyd’s agents called organizers three weeks before the festival, and that the festival was unable to accomodate their request to play because “we’d already booked three headliners, and there was nothing we could do apart from bump someone off and we’ve neverdone that before.”
“We couldn’t just say, ‘Sorry, you’ve now got to play underneath someone because someone bigger has come along,” she added.
As reported last month, Wright died at age 65 after a short battle with cancer.