Proof once again that you will never get rich off of a Canadian sitcom… even a successful one!

Brent Butt to create pilot for new series Hiccups
When Corner Gas wraps up at the end of this season, Brent Butt will have Hiccups.
The star of the popular TV sitcom has agreed to create a pilot for a new half-hour comedy series called Hiccups for CTV and Comedy Central.
He won’t be in front of the camera. Instead, the series will star his wife and Corner Gas co-star Nancy Robertson.
She’ll play Millie Upton, a children’s author who’s normally a happy person, but has fits of depression, rage or euphoric highs. She hires an inept life coach to help her overcome this handicap.
Butt is creator, writer, show runner and executive producer for Hiccups. Corner Gas producer David Storey directs.
The pilot starts shooting in Vancouver later this month. Butt announced earlier this year that the 2009 season would be the last for Corner Gas.