Rock on, Adams!!

Bryan Adams rocks for peace
Bryan Adams will start his European tour a day early by flying to Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, for a free concert on Friday evening.
The Canadian rocker’s website calls the concert a “symbolic gesture of peace.” It will take place at 8 p.m. local time in Tbilisi’s Rikhe district.
The Sept. 19 date is symbolic because it comes 40 days after the first loss of life in the current conflict in Georgia. Russia launched a heavily criticized military operation after an Aug. 7 Georgian crackdown in South Ossetia, which is pushing for independence from Georgia.
The Orthodox Christian faith, the predominant religion in the area, believes that the souls of the departed continue their journey 40 days after death.
It is not the first time Adams has visited a country after civil unrest. He’s also visited Vietnam, Pakistan, Jordan and Sri Lanka.
On Aug. 21, Valery Gergiev, conductor of the Mariinsky Theatre orchestra and the London Symphony, and an ethnic Ossetian, held a requiem concert in South Ossetia’s shattered capital, Tskhinvali.
Adams’ whirlwind tour continues Sept. 20 in Buchares, then takes him to England, France, Germany, Holland, Denmark, Italy, and finishes Oct. 4 in Alicante, Spain.