This will be fun!

Sting Can Be Your Hero, Baby
Every note you fake, it will look like Sting is watching you.
The British soft-rocker is the latest hitmaker to lend his imageóand a strings-happy tuneóto the megahot Guitar Hero franchise, which in recent years has welcomed Metallica and Aerosmith and noted strummers like Slash and Tom Morello into the pixelated fold.
Sting’s upcoming contribution will be to the new Guitar Hero World Tour, which also boasts the stylings of Tool. Players will either be able to “take the stage” and play to wild crowds as Sting or “jam” alongside him on the song “Demolition Man.”
This version of Activision’s carpal tunnel-inducing funfest will also feature microphone and drumkit attachments for full-on battle of the bandsóas well as composing and editing software, for those quieter moments when the keg is empty and your “drummer” is passed out on the floor.