A Bronze Fonz Hits Brew Town
Los Angeles (E! Online) – Finally, a Fonzie that’s incapable of jumping the shark. If only he existed 30 years ago.
A statue of Arthur Fonzarelli was unveiled to a Happy Days-loving crowd on Wisconsin’s Milwaukee River today, commemorating the 10-year run of the classic sitcom and its most iconic character in the city where the series was set (but, alas, never shot).
Fonzie alter ego Henry Winkler was on hand for the invite-only occasion, as were show creator-director-producer Garry Marshall, stars Anson Williams (Potsie), Don Most (Ralph), Marion Ross (Mrs. Cunningham), Tom Bosley (Mr. Cunningham) and Erin Moran (Joanie), as well as Laverne & Shirley leads Penny Marshall and Cindy Williams. Ron Howard was on location and unable to make the unveiling.
Winkler took quite a liking to his life-size leather-jacketed likeness, giving it the ultimate seal of approval: two thumbs up.
“I hope that this statue really represents in the way that this city deserves,” Winkler said.
“This is one of the great cities in the United States of America and everyone should actually come here to enjoy the theater, enjoy the good food, enjoy the warmth of the people and the Fonz!”