Lets be honest…this may be the closest that some of these guys get to touching a girl, so of course they would wait in live all day…am I right, people?!? (Hee hee hee!)

Carmen Electra & Kim Kardashian dazzle comics fans
SAN DIEGO (AP) ó The line snaked through the Comic-Con floor. Hundreds of camera-toting fans jockeyed for position, barely able to contain their excitement.
They weren’t trying to see the latest world-saving superhero or never-before-seen footage. They were waiting to see Carmen Electra and Kim Kardashian.
The two beauties made their Comic-Con debut Saturday, signing autographs to promote their new film, “Disaster Movie.” Both wore formfitting, cleavage-bearing dresses as they posed for fans’ photos.
For 18-year-old John Kilgore, attending the signing was the day’s top priority.
“It’s Carmen Electra,” he explained. “What’s not to like about a woman like that?”
David Benker, 46, was embarrassed to reveal exactly how excited he was to meet the two women.
“Aw, come on,” he said. “My son is here and he’ll tell his mom.”
Most fans sheepishly shuffled by collecting their posters, but a few were brave enough to talk to the pinup pair.
“You look even more beautiful in person,” said one blushing fan. “Wow.”
Another whipped out his cell phone to show Electra her own photo. “You’re on my screen saver right now,” he said.
Despite the frenzy of excitement, the fans were well behaved, Electra said: “They were all really sweet.”
A Lionsgate release, “Disaster Movie” ó which features a wrestling scene between Kardashian and Electra ó hits theaters Aug. 29.