Alexandre I can agree with, but Sook-Yin Lee?!? And Shaun Majumder?!?! Oh, well! I won’t be watching anyway.

Trudeau joins CBC Olympic broadcast team
Alexandre Trudeau has been added to the CBC Olympic Broadcast team, along with Sook-Yin Lee, Catriona Le May Doan, Mark Kelley and Shaun Majumder.
Trudeau and the rest of the new additions to the team will provide stories from around Beijing, reporting on the news, history and culture of China for “Beijing 2008: The Olympic Games” on CBC.
“The Olympic Games in Beijing opens up China to the world and we want to ensure Canadians truly experience the Games, not only from inside the sporting venues, but from around Beijing and the Chinese countryside as well as from across Canada,” said Trevor Pilling, executive producer of “Beijing 2008: The Olympic Games on CBC.”
“We are thrilled with the addition of Alexandre, Sook-Yin, Catriona, Mark and Shaun to our cast of reporters√≥their unique backgrounds and approach to reporting will add another intriguing dimension to our Olympic broadcast.”
Trudeau will report from the ancient capital covering such topics as the city’s architecture and infrastructure.
Lee, born and raised in Canada, will explore her Chinese identity while visiting China for the first time in a 15-part series called “Yin and Yang.”
Catriona Le May Doan will report from the Opening Ceremony before returning to Canada to meet with friends and families of Olympians.
Mark Kelley will report from Beijing on issues such as traffic congestion and pollution in the city.
Gemini award-winning comedian Shaun Majumder will tell stories from his comedic perspective for “Beijing 2008: The Olympic Games.”