All I hope, and I will say this again, that the film is funny!!

Feeling the “Love”: Mike Myers and Friends at “The Love Guru” Premiere
Los Angeles – “The Love Guru” brought the crowds out to Grauman’s Chinese Theater on Wednesday night, June 11, as Mike Myers premiered his latest comedy to the delight of a gaggle of fans. Was it Myers that drew the hordes of fans to Hollywood’s famed movie palace, or was Justin Timberlake, Myers’ co-star in the silly spiritual comedy, the big draw? As Justin mugged with his adoring fans, Mike greeted the other stars of his film (he wrote and produced the movie, which marks his first new character creation since Austin Powers), including Verne Troyer, Meagan Good, Telma Hopkins, Romany Malco, director Marco Schnabel, and fans Mariska Hargitay, Tila Tequila, and Joanne Garcia. Jessica Alba also stars, but she stayed home with her brand-new baby girl, born June 7.
“The Love Guru” tells the tale of Guru Pitka, an American raised by Indian gurus who returns to the U. S. to begin a self-help business. His first challenge is to help a pro hockey player get back on track; that plot line explains why Detroit Red Wings goalie Chris Osgood made the red-carpet trek with the Stanley Cup in tow at the premiere. Leave it to Myers, a lifelong hockey fanatic, to incorporate his passion for the game into his flick.
The actor, who spoke to reporters earlier in the week about the new film, revealed that “The Love Guru” actually came from the same source as his “Austin Powers” movies.
“My father passed away in 1991,” Myers recalled. “Two things emerged from that creatively. One of those was ‘Austin Powers’. That was a tribute to my father and all the British comedy that he’d introduced to me during his lifetime and my lifetime and the other thing that emerged was the Guru Pitka. In 1994 I did a stage show where I did five characters. I did Austin Powers for the first time. I did the Guru Pitka for the first time too. The Guru Pitka was me kind of dealing with his death.”
But don’t get him wrong; “The Love Guru” is definitely a comedy, not a drama.
“My father always used to say that nothing is so painful that it can’t be laughed at,” Myers grinned. “I do very silly movies and in the Venn diagram of life I don’t know where creativity and philosophy and science, spirituality, I don’t know where they quite merge. But I hope that this movie is a nice fun delivery system of some ideas that actually mean a lot to me.”