Ah the corp, another great decision folks!!!

Deal still possible for Hockey Night theme song
Contrary to published reports, CBC Sports hasn’t yet pulled the plug on the Hockey Night in Canada theme song.
Scott Moore, the executive director of CBC Sports, told Newsworld on Thursday that negotiations for a new licence fee are ongoing with the representatives of Vancouver composer Dolores Claman.
“We’ve been reaching out to [Claman] and her representative, and haven’t heard back,” Moore said. “We’re prepared to do a deal, we’re prepared to talk, but we’re not prepared to do a deal at all costs.
“And as much as I’m particularly passionate about the theme, and I know a lot of Canadians are, if we can’t do a deal that’s responsible, we won’t do a deal.”
Earlier Monday, Copyright Music & Visuals ó the Toronto agency representing Claman ó said the CBC had declined to enter into a new licensing agreement for next season.
A news release posted on the Copyright Music & Visuals website quotes company president John Ciccone as saying the CBC’s licence agreement for the HNIC theme song ended with the Detroit Red Wings’ 3-2 victory over Pittsburgh on Thursday night in Game 6 of the Stanley Cup final.
The CBC “has advised the composer, owner and administrator of the musical composition that it is not prepared to enter into a new licence agreement with respect to the use of the theme,” the release said.
Composer expresses disappointment
Copyright Music & Visuals said it had offered the CBC a chance to renew its licence to use Claman’s song on terms that were “virtually identical to those that have existed for the past decade.”
Previously, each use of the song cost the broadcaster about $500, the company said.
Claman expressed disappointment that her song may no longer be heard in homes across Canada during the hockey season.
“I am saddened by the decision of the CBC to drop the Hockey Night in Canada theme after our lengthy history together,” she said in a release. “I nevertheless respect its right to move in a new direction.”
Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach is also upset about the possibility of losing the song, telling reporters at the legislature on Thursday he was stunned by the initial reports.