Matt Damon Set For Bourne 4!
It shouldn’t take as long for Matt Damon to lose his memory again as it did for Harrison Ford to pick the bullwhip back up.
Frank Marshall, who produces both blockbuster franchises, confirms a fourth thriller about amnesiac spy Jason Bourne is in the works with Damon and director Paul Greengrass expected to return for more lightning-paced mayhem.
“We’re hoping it takes a few years less than Indiana Jones did,” Marshall told Sun Media during a phone interview last week. “We’re busily trying to put it together, but it all depends on the script.”
That could prove especially challenging because: a) they are out of Ludlum books to (very loosely) adapt and b) Tony Gilroy, the scribe who penned Identity, Supremacy and Ultimatum has become a white-hot commodity since helming George Clooney’s Michael Clayton.
“Tony’s off doing his own thing,” Marshall notes, referring to Gilroy’s next directorial project, the thriller Duplicity, which is currently shooting with Julia Roberts and Clive Owen.
One film buff Marshall knows is looking forward to more Bourne? His longtime friend and Indiana Jones director Steven Spielberg.
“Steven loves the Bourne movies.”