I hope these aren’t the song sthat he performed life in concert in February because they just weren’t very good!!

Mellencamp’s ‘Life’ Goes Hi-Fi With Hear Music
John Mellencamp’s “Life, Death, Love and Freedom,” produced by T-Bone Burnett and due July 15 via Hear Music, will be released in a new high-definition audio format dubbed CODE.
CODE technology, developed by Burnett and a team of engineers, creates high-definition audio files that are virtually indistinguishable from the original masters.
To address possible compatibility issues, “Life” will be packaged as a two-disc set, with the standard edition of the album on CD and the CODE version of the album on DVD. The set will be priced as if it were a single-disc package.
Burnett recently told Billboard of his experience working with Mellencamp, “I didn’t offer much direction, really, but he was certainly open. He encouraged me to play guitar a lot on the record, which I enjoyed.”
“Life” will be available at Starbucks locations in the U.S. and Canada as well as at traditional retail outlets.
As previously reported, Mellencamp will embark on a month-long summer tour in support of “Life” starting July 8 at the Mann Music Center in Philadelphia with Lucinda Williams providing support on most dates.
Here is the track list to “Life, Death, Love and Freedom”:
1. “Longest Days”
2. “My Sweet Love”
3. “If I Die Sudden”
4. “Troubled Land”
5. “Young Without Lovers”
6. “John Cockers”
7. “Don’t Need This Body”
8. “A Ride Back Home”
9. “Without A Shot”
10. “Jena”
11. “Mean”
12. “County Fair”
13. “For The Children”
14. “A Brand New Song”