Enjoy the Wazoo!!!

Frank Zappa concert headed for CD release
NEW YORK (Billboard) – Frank Zappa fans can soon enjoy a previously unreleased 1972 concert recording, the latest material from the deceased rock star’s archives to be unveiled.
“Wazoo,” a two-disc set documenting Zappa’s September 24, 1972, show at the Boston Music Hall, will be released May 27 via Vaulternative Records, a label run by the Zappa Family Trust.
“Wazoo” is the third concert release from the trust, which is headed by Zappa’s widow, Gail. Zappa died of prostate cancer in 1993.
The show marks the final performance by Zappa’s 20-piece Grand Wazoo/Hot Rats/Mothers of Invention band. The set includes liner notes by Wazoo member Malcolm McNab and Gail Zappa, as well as photos from the era. It also marks the 35th anniversary of Zappa’s studio album “The Grand Wazoo.” The album will be available at